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The Jjarrs - The Ultimate Live Covers Band

The Tech Stuff

If you are planning an event with live music, there is a whole load of stuff you may need to know that only the band can answer. To help you we have provided a bundle of information here that may be of use to you. Of course, if there is something you need to know that isn't detailed here please don't hesitate to call or email us and we will be pleased to help you.


Production Companies & Event Managers are advised to CLICK HERE

Space/Performance Area:


As a general rule we need a minimum clear space of 6m wide by 4m deep, although we can flex this to a degree. Height isnt usually a problem - a minimum of 2.5m headroom is necessary for speakers. We do have a number of set up formats we can utilise according to the size of the venue, the nature of the event and the number of guests attending. Remember there are 5 of us performing!

Sound & Sound Systems:


The main sound system we carry is usually suitable for events up to 500 guests, depending on the type of venue. We do have a trusted sound engineer we employ for larger venues and outdoor events where greater sound output may be required. We also have a smaller sound system we can employ where space is tight and the size of the venue is small.



We have a number of lighting rigs we use from simple spot lights to illuminate the band, moving lights that provide dance floor and band lighting through to full stage and dancefloor lighting options with trussing/gantry rigs and backdrops. The set up we employ will depend on the suitablity of the venue, space available and of course the fee agreed.



Power Supply:


The electrical power supply to the bands equipment is very important. It must be safe to use (regularly inspected) and for the sole use of the band. As a general rule for a standard set up we require 3 x 13amp power supplies. These must be separate supplies, not one power lead split using a multiplug adaptor.  Where our bigger lighting rigs are used further power supplies will required. The band do reserve the right to inspect the available power supplies at a venue prior to agreeing to perform. Where generators are provided for outdoor events, you must ensure the power supply is split to standard 3 pin UK power sockets.  

Instruments & Equipment:


We provide all our own musical equipment and microphones to perform with. These are for the sole use of the band. Separate microphones/radio mics can be provided for speeches and announcements. Where we are performing at a multi-billed event with other acts, equipment will not be shared unless specific permission is granted in advance. Where a third party sound engineer is engaged we will liaise with them in relation to the equipment needed and supplied.  

Background Music & DJ's:


We advise all clients that are contemplating booking both us and a DJ for their event to hold fire on booking the DJ. We are comfortable providing 3 hours of live music across an evening which can leave very little time for a DJ. We have the capability to provide background/party music via our sound system for the periods in the evening where we are not performing (during breaks) and we are more than happy to customise this music according to your requirements.    


Band Line Up & Equipment Summary:



Standard 5 piece kit with additional electonic percussion devices. Kit is mic'd up where necessary

Bass Guitar:     

1 x bass amp and cabinet. Up to two bass guitars provided per gig


1 x Stage piano & 1 x Synth. Sub mixed to balanced outputs

Rhythm Guitar:

1 x Acoustic Amp & 1 x Electric Guitar Amp. Up to three guitars provided per gig

Lead Guitar:

1 x Electric Guitar Amp & Custom pedal board. Up to two guitars provided per gig


3 x vocalists all with independant mic's


24 channel mixer, into 2 x 2.5k Power Amps, Feeding 2 x 15" Bass Bins and 2 x 15" Tops


All band members use 'in-ear' monitoring. Stage foldbacks/wedges are not generally used

Health & Safety Information:


We take all Health & Safety requirements very seriously to ensure the safety of ourselves, our clients and their guests. To provide further peace of mind we make available the follow documents to assure you of our commitment to maintain safety levels at all times:

Wedding Band, Function Band, Party Band, Covers Band

Public Liability


Wedding Band, Function Band, Party Band, Covers Band

H & S Risk Assessment

Wedding Band, Function Band, Party Band, Covers Band

H & S Method


Wedding Band, Function Band, Party Band, Covers Band

PAT Test


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