Naturally you want to hear what we sound like. We have selected a few songs from our vast repertoire that show the wide variety of music we play. All of these songs were recorded totally live as a band, no trickery, no fakery and no over dubs. What you hear is genuinely The Jjarrs playing live as we would at your event.


We are proud of these recordings and we hope you like them    

The Music

The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Party Band
Matthew - The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Covers Band
Matt - The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Wedding Band
The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Band London
Toby - The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Band For Hire
Phil - The JJarrs - The Ultimate Live Function Band


We often get asked for a list of the songs we play so we have included a list that you can download by simply clicking here. This is by no means all the songs we can perform, we do like to ring the changes every once in a while to keep things fresh so some do drop in and out from time to time. We are of course more than happy to trawl the archives or learn any song that a client may request (within reason). 


If you would like help with selecting a song for your first dance as a married couple, please do contact us and we will be only too pleased to provide you with some of the songs we have performed at previous weddings - they may give you some inspiration!